✰ 2015 All-Star Mixtape Awards “VIDEO DJ of the YEAR”
✰ 2014 Global Spin Award “INTERNATIONAL DJ of the YEAR” nominee
✰ Official Rane, Mix Syndicate, Sound Force & MixEmergency Video DJ
VideoDJBooking & F.Y Agency Official Audio-Visual Artist
Video DJ Consultant Kaith Skool Paris
Founder of the #ResQBT1 bluetooth speaker

DJ 들 사이에서 잘 알려진 공식 Rane DJ, 레스큐(Res-Q). 그는 세계적인 DJ‘BumSquadDJz’와 ’SoundForce DJs’, 세계적인 비디오 DJ ‘VideoDJBooking’가 추천한 첫번째 프랑스 아티스트이기도 합니다. 레스큐는 프랑스, 미국, 가이아나, 일본, 한국, 중국, 홍콩, 뉴칼레도니아, 세네갈 등 세계의 여러 나라의 브랜딩 행사, 이벤트, 축제에서 활발한 디제잉을 펼치고 있습니다. 2011년부터 매년 열리는 MixMove 트레이드 쇼의 Rane/Serato 공식 비디오 DJ이기도 한 그는 Kaith SKOOL 디제이스쿨의 컨설턴트로도 활동을 하고 있습니다.
레 스큐는 Monster Energy, MixEmergency, VideoDJBooking의 오디오-비쥬얼 아티스트로, FY에이전시와 함께 진행하는 Dakar Black 패션위크의 공식 비디오 DJ로, 2014년 글로벌 스핀 어워드 ‘INTERNATIONAL DJ of the YEAR’의 후보로도 왕성한 활동을 하고 있습니다. 또한 TV네트워크와 영상DJ들의 방송용 영상 편집작업도 참여를 하고 있는데요, 그의 작품인 ‘Jah Army’ 같은 경우에는 유투브 2500만 뷰를 기록하기도 했습니다.
기 업가로서도 활동도 늦추지 않는 그는 최근 휴대용 블루투스 스피커 ‘ResQBT1’을 직접 출시했는데요, 이 스피커는 DJ 개인이 세계의 음악 팬들을 위해 만든 레스큐 개인의 브랜드입니다. 이렇게 여러 방면에 다재다능한 그는 현재 매혹적인 음향-영상 쇼 ‘Picture The Sound’의 제작자로도 활동하고 있습니다.
커버하지 못하는 음악 장르가 없는 레스큐. 그의 글로벌하고 클럽 친화적인 특징은 그를 아는 모든 엔터테이너, 음향-영상 아티스트, 관객들에게 높은 수준의 만족을 주고 있습니다.


Res-Q spent part of his teenage years in the United States, where his musical prowess matured. Music for Res-Q means SHARING so, quite naturally, being a DJ was inevitable.

Upon his return to his native France for college, Res-Q joined the campus radio station, and started producing and recording international artists in his home studio while continuing to build his reputation as a “remix” specialist. He also started to play in a variety of clubs and corporate events. While pursuing his solo career, Res-Q then teamed up with King Junior Sound : France’s 2 times sound system champion.

In Early 2008 Res-Q continued his success with his efforts in pioneering the art of remixing audio/video into his routine as a Video DJ. His talent and dedication to his craft, have provided the opportunity for Res-Q to spin in the most renowned venues. He has opened for numerous artists’ concerts, as well as traveling to South America in 2009 for the 1st Urban Culture Festival.

Since 2011, Res-Q has been the Rane/Serato official Video DJ at the MixMove pro trade show in Paris. He also teaches Video DJing at theKaith Skool DJ school in Paris. As a side project Res-Q reviewed the Top 20 Music Videos on CariVibez.tv based in New York and Jamaica.

His “Jah Army” video edit, produced in May 2011, since then has reached more than 15 million views on Youtube. VP Records used this video for the release of their “Reggae Gold” tv promo spot.
In September 2011, Res-Q was the only DJ from abroad invited to play alongside USA’s best Video DJs at the 1st Video DJ Conference in Las Vegas. In November, Res-Q was the official Video DJ during the Japan Music Week Festival in Tokyo. The music festival featured more than 200 artists playing in more than 50 different venues. During the event he was approached by the management of the “Embassy” a new opening electro club, and of the “Zion Club” in Seoul, the only afro/hiphop/reggae club in Korea. He accepted their contract offers and became resident Video DJ for both clubs, 6 nights a week for 6 months.

In 2012, Res-Q launched his “Picture The Sound” Tour. He was finalist during the 1st Video DJ competition in Europe during the MixMove. Res-Q then teamed up with the best Video DJ remixers editors crew: BlastVids / VideoUpdate. His edits are now played by fellow DJs and Video DJs worldwide. In June Res-Q was one of the headlining DJs at the Graffitizm Festival in France. He then took the summer season by storm with different club venues including the Politically Incorrect parties in Paris, and the World Reggae Nights events in Brittany. In September Res-Q took his “Picture the Sound” tour international and flew to the USA. Starting in Big Bear, California for the Hot Dog & Hand Rails Bunz & Boxes party. He then headed to Las Vegas for the 2nd Video DJ Conference at the Mandalay Bay Casino for 2 amazing shows. The first at EyeCandy Lounge. That was followed by the Foundation Room on the 42nd floor of the casino for the largest All-Stars worldwide video dj lineup ever. He then proceeded downtown Las Vegas to the Beauty Bar for the I.S.I 1 year anniversary sponsored by Official Genius.

Simultaneously to these events, Res-Q was the first French artist to become an official “BumSquad” DJ; one of the most highly recognized dj crew worldwide.

In October 2012 The Crane Stand, reached out to Res-Q in order to write a review for their website and for PSSL magazine (100 000 readers).
 In December, MixEmergency, the world’s best videomixing software company asked Res-Q to write a review for the launch of their new website. 2012 is also the year Res-Q became the official Video DJ for Monster Energy during the “Halloween Monster Nights” in New Caledonia: Three exceptional nights in three unique venues in Nouméa (Bodega, Boheme, and MV). MV, the hypest club of the Island, impressed with his party rocking skills asked Res-Q to stay and be their resident video dj for three months.

In 2013 Res-Q went back to Korea to be the resident Video DJ at the Zion Club in Seoul. He then came back to France to demo Rane/Seratonew products and also to take part in the launching of the first booking agency in the world specializing in Video DJs “VideoDJBooking.com“. Later heading to Dakar, Senegal to become the resident Video-DJ at Complex FIVE four nights a week. He was also the official Video DJ for major events such as the launch of Louis Chevrolet watches in Senegal and the Opening of the Dakar Black Fashion Week.

2014 is another major step forward in Res-Q’s career. He continues to release amazing video edits and tours the world rocking parties notably in China and Africa, as well as the Rane demos at the Paris MixMove. But the highlights this year are the launch of his brand of portable bluetooth speakers “ResQBT1 in July, and his nomination in November at the Global Spin Awards in New York for “INTERNATIONAL DJ of the YEAR“.


Press review:

Multi-talented open format party rocker, there’s not one genre Res-Q doesn’t cover, which makes him an international, comfortable in any club, all around entertainer and crowd please. DJ Res-Q produces an out of this world audio-video show: “Picture The Sound
Res-Q is a pioneer at the forefront of the music nightlife, with his interactive live videomix, patrons are in 21st century entertainment.
Res-Q can broadcast on-screen: live twitter / facebook / instagram feed, picture-in-picture live videos and pictures of the audience, as well as sponsors logos, adding to your event a unique interactive dimension.


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