Designed by a profesionnal DJ, for all music lovers, the ResQ BT 1 is a high quality limited edition portable bluetooth speaker

4 colors to chose from: Scarlet Red, Sky Blue, White Ghost and Black Shadow.

Shipped with a high quality Ballistic Nylon EVA case with snap-link + audio and usb cables.

Scarlet Edition

Scarlet Red

Sky Edition

Sky Blue

Ghost Edition

White Ghost

Shadow Edition

Black Shadow

Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth allows you to connect your ResQ BT1 portable speaker to your smartphone, tablet, PC, and MAC letting you create a totally wireless sound system.

Play music, Skype or phone your friends and talk handsfree, the ResQ BT1 will satisfy all your needs!

Battery life

Battery life on your ResQ BT1 won’t be any problem for you!

If you like to party on the beach for hours, or you are on a camping trip and don’t have any electricity, don’t worry: ResQ BT1’s durable 750mAh battery will last for 10 hours at 60% of volume!

MicroSD + USB

Thanks to it’s built-in MicroSD card reader, and its 2.0 USB port, the ResQ BT1 will let you play your favorite music completely independently.

No strings attached, even without any Bluetooth or audio devices available at all. Just insert your microSD card or USB stick loaded with your mp3s, and let your ResQ BT1 operate on its own

Line input

The ResQ BT1 has a line input, so DJs on tour can plug it to their mixer while in their hotel room.

Plug your ResQ BT1 straight to your phone, tablet, pc, mac, or any device equipped with a line output, for longer battery life, no bluetooth latency and ultra high quality sound.

Package Content

  1. ResQ BT1 portable speaker
  2. High quality Ballistic Nylon EVA case with snap-link
  3. Audio cable
  4. USB cable

User manual: